Boekenhout Private Bush Lodge

Boekenhout, The Private Bush Lodge

Boekenhout Camp is a cozy family lodge on the shores of the Witrivier with a natural river pool and sandy beach. The lodge can accommodate up to 20 people and is rented out on a private basis.
The lodge is the ideal setting for people who want a private stay in the bush with the comfort of a home. It is the perfect a ‘hideaway’ for families or to celebrate special occasions in small groups. We do offer catering upon request. Boekenhout is the ideal playground for children: the natural swimming pools, the sandy shores of the water holes, the spacious pieces of grass and the trees to climb create a paradise for children.

Adults R650pppn | Children 12yrs R450pppn

Minimum stay of 4 people for 2 nights

Included in your stay: feather duvets and pillows, linen, firewood, household help and park entrance fees. This is your private bush stay, there will be no other guests at Boekenhout camp during your booking.


The lodge consists of four family rooms with en-suite bathrooms, each of which accommodates four to six people. The kitchen offers all facilities, including cutlery for 20 people, and is close to the main dining area and open fire.

  • Mimi Moya generates eco-friendly electricity with minimum impact on the environment.
  • Solar energy: electricity and hot water are generated by solar panels, solar geysers, and ‘donkeys’. Donkeys are a traditional heating system with a steel tank that is heated by wood fire.
  • Lights: the rooms and kitchen have 12 V lamps and LED lights. The main dining area and open fire (‘braai’ area) is lit by candles, torches, and paraffin lights to create a cozy atmosphere.
  • Fridge and freezers: the fridge and freezer operate on gas and 24volt solar power.
  • Charging batteries: the rooms and kitchen have 12 V chargers (car charger and USB port) to charge cell phones or AA batteries during the day. Please keep in mind that there are no 220-volt charging options at Boekenhout.
  • Cell phone reception: please be aware that the private lodge is a cell phone-free area without wifi or cellphone reception. There is cell phone reception on top of the mountain, a 15-minute drive from the lodge. A two-way radio system can be used in case of emergencies.

Good to know: The nearest shop is in Piet Retief, about a 50km (45min) drive from the main gate. We can do the shopping for you at a small fee if you prefer so. Give us a list and all delicacies will be ready in your fridge upon arrival.

Dear Jc and Ina, What a warm hearty welcome! This is being spoiled in its purest form. A little gem in South-Africa!

Familie Beyer

I just wanted to say a final massive thanks for the weekend. The guys really appreciated it- what an amazing start to a trip in Africa !.

Graham Hansen

Our first accommodation in South Africa and a real winner! The beautiful landscapes of Mimi Moya, the animals, the weather, but especially the spontaneous hospitality and loving kindness of two generations Van Rooyens: Jc, Ina, Hansie and Tania, Thank you so much and until next time here at Mimi Moya!

JP en Rita Dewaele

I really liked it here, it was super fun! Especially the raft building and watching the fire. And of course Ina’s lovely food. I played a lot here and ate lovely Afrikaans food. When I am grownup I will come back for sure!!!

Filip De Caluwe 10yrs

Thanks for everything, We really enjoyed every bit and definitely come back. Good luck with the house and I hope more people enjoy it! ‘This must be one of the best holiday resorts I have ever been to! Not every day you get to go and slide down a waterfall! It was a blast! I loved the horse rides!

Courtney and Gregory Webster

This was a wonderful encounter with South-Africa and an absolute privilege to be welcomed by this warm and loving family Van Rooyen during these days! If there is a peace of paradise on earth, then it is here with JC, Ina, Tania and Hansie! Well done!

Familie Wyckmans

Dear Tania, Hansie, JC and Ina, It was great to stay here some days! The ideal location to find rest after a long tour. I never could have imagined that we would see so many animals! Our boy will never forget his meeting with the giraffe and we will always remember the harmony with nature one still finds here. we hope to come back again one day! Thanks a lot for the warm welcome here. It was lovely to relax here in pure nature!

Pieterjan, Wolf en Hannele De Marez

The visit to Mimi Moya was a bit like coming home. How do one describes the warm welcome by JC and Ina..warm rooibos tea and many stories to be told. Joy is the word that comes closest to what we experienced here... the swimming in beautiful spots, the braai and lovely food, Ina’s knowledge on the fauna and flora...this was a top moment in our tour. We can only recommend it wholeheartedly.

Marie-Rose Mertens, tour guide Joker Belgium

A discovery...another world! Bushes, dry grass, lonely hills... kudu’s, nyala...look up distracted and hop along.... A giraffe stands in front of our window as the sun comes up early morning.... Far away is the European stress... A heavenly water massage in the Witrivier and endless galloping ... A back-to-nature-stay which you truly enjoy and with authentic South-African hospitality that makes you feel at home!

Lieve De Marez