Unwind in Nature...

Our Private Bush Stays

Mimi Moya is a private family-owned game reserve (2814ha) in the south of Mpumalanga, just beneath Swaziland, in South Africa. Mimi Moya offers unique private bush stays where people can enjoy nature and wildlife at their own pace… giraffe, zebra, waterbuck, nyala, kudu, impala, warthog, eland, common reedbuck, and steenbok can be spotted throughout the reserve.

There are excellent birding opportunities, with well over 200 of the 360 species listed. There are no Big Five (elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard and lion) in Mimi Moya, so you can enjoy walking, swimming, and cycling in the bush. We offer bush stays with a minimum of two nights to settle down and unwind.

Mimi Moya

Freely translated, Mimi Moya means ‘Unwind in Nature’

The word ‘Moya’ has three meanings in isiZulu: wind, soul, and spirit. The word ‘Mimi’ is an abbreviation of ‘mimilitha’ which means ‘Immersion’ in isZulu. So The translation of Mimi Moya is ‘to immerse yourself with wind, soul and spirit’.

Why come to Mimi Moya?

Enjoy privacy in the African bush and explore at your own pace. Listen to nature… and unwind.

Meet animals like giraffe, zebra, ostrich, kudu, blesbuck, waterbuck and more while you discover the bush to restore and recharge your batteries far away from the rush and stress of daily life

Sit around the fire and look at the magnificent stars of the southern hemisphere, spend quality time with your loved ones or me-time in the bush

Dear Jc and Ina, What a warm hearty welcome! This is being spoiled in its purest form. A little gem in South-Africa!

Familie Beyer

I just wanted to say a final massive thanks for the weekend. The guys really appreciated it- what an amazing start to a trip in Africa !.

Graham Hansen

Our first accommodation in South Africa and a real winner! The beautiful landscapes of Mimi Moya, the animals, the weather, but especially the spontaneous hospitality and loving kindness of two generations Van Rooyens: Jc, Ina, Hansie and Tania, Thank you so much and until next time here at Mimi Moya!

JP en Rita Dewaele

I really liked it here, it was super fun! Especially the raft building and watching the fire. And of course Ina’s lovely food. I played a lot here and ate lovely Afrikaans food. When I am grownup I will come back for sure!!!

Filip De Caluwe 10yrs

Thanks for everything, We really enjoyed every bit and definitely come back. Good luck with the house and I hope more people enjoy it! ‘This must be one of the best holiday resorts I have ever been to! Not every day you get to go and slide down a waterfall! It was a blast! I loved the horse rides!

Courtney and Gregory Webster

This was a wonderful encounter with South-Africa and an absolute privilege to be welcomed by this warm and loving family Van Rooyen during these days! If there is a peace of paradise on earth, then it is here with JC, Ina, Tania and Hansie! Well done!

Familie Wyckmans

Dear Tania, Hansie, JC and Ina, It was great to stay here some days! The ideal location to find rest after a long tour. I never could have imagined that we would see so many animals! Our boy will never forget his meeting with the giraffe and we will always remember the harmony with nature one still finds here. we hope to come back again one day! Thanks a lot for the warm welcome here. It was lovely to relax here in pure nature!

Pieterjan, Wolf en Hannele De Marez

The visit to Mimi Moya was a bit like coming home. How do one describes the warm welcome by JC and Ina..warm rooibos tea and many stories to be told. Joy is the word that comes closest to what we experienced here... the swimming in beautiful spots, the braai and lovely food, Ina’s knowledge on the fauna and flora...this was a top moment in our tour. We can only recommend it wholeheartedly.

Marie-Rose Mertens, tour guide Joker Belgium

A discovery...another world! Bushes, dry grass, lonely hills... kudu’s, nyala...look up distracted and hop along.... A giraffe stands in front of our window as the sun comes up early morning.... Far away is the European stress... A heavenly water massage in the Witrivier and endless galloping ... A back-to-nature-stay which you truly enjoy and with authentic South-African hospitality that makes you feel at home!

Lieve De Marez

The Little
Bush House

Boekenhout Private
Bush Lodge

Mountain Camp

The Private
Bush Camp


Game Walks

Mimi Moya offers several walking trails varying from a nice afternoon walk to adventurous day-walks

Mountain Biking

We have 8 mountain bikes for adults and children, which are available for rent to enjoy the reserve. The terrain offers a variety of tracks in the wild from all levels

4x4 Safari-trails

The reserve has over 60 km of 4×4 tracks offering river crossings and challenging ascents and descents.


The reserve offers some of the best yellow-fish waters in SA. The Pongola and the Witrivier with their many pools, natural weirs, and small cataracts hold four of the eight yellow-fish species found in the country.


The bilharzia-free waters of the Mkhunyane River with their many rapids and pools offer a delightful swimming experience for young and old.

Bird Watching

Mimi Moya has a birding list of 130 identified species. A peaceful morning will reward the patient observer with a variety of feathered visits and calls to be identified.

Geology Info

The Mimi Moya Eco-Reserve has a typical northern Natal topography with five different habitats spread over the reserve. The different habitats are: Highlands, Riverine, Mist Forest Patches, Savannah and Wetland Patches. The diverse environment plays host to more than 140 species of indigenous trees and shrubs and is the main reason for the exceptional birdlife. The geology is mainly Onverwacht group which forms part of the Barberton Supergroup, which is of particular interest to geologists as it is the oldest known rock formation.

The Onverwacht series outcrops all along the Mkhunyane River (Witrivier). As it is part of one of the oldest rock formations it is of interest to local and overseas universities.

Keen observers will be able to identify a number of geological formations along the riverbed. The name of one of the farmlands included in the reserve – Pypklipberg – refers to the soapstone found here. This was previously used to make smoking pipes.

In the northern part of the reserve, you can find the Mosaan system outcrops. This closely correlates to the Witwatersrand system and has been extensively prospected for gold, which was actively mined on a small scale at a number of localities.

List of Birdlife in Mimi Moya

Click here to download the list of Birdlife in Mimi Moya

These birds welcome you in Mimi Moya
Rob. no. Species Latin name
1 Ostrich Struthio camelus
8 Dabchick Tachybaptus ruficollis
55 Whitebreasted Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo
58 Reed Cormorant Phalacrocorax africanus
62 Grey Heron Ardea cinerea
63 Blackheaded Heron Ardea melanocephala
71 Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis
81 Hamerkop Scopus umbretta
83 White Stork Ciconia ciconia
84 Black Stork Ciconia nigra
85 Abdim’s Stork Ciconia abdimee
90 Yellowbilled Stork Mycteria Ibis
93 Southern Bald Ibis Geronticus calvus
94 Hadeda Bostrychia hagedash
99 Whitefaced Duck Dendrocygna viduata
100 Fulvous Duck Dendrocygna bicolor
102 Egyptian Goose Alopochen aegyptiacus
104 Yellowbilled Duck Anas undulata
105 African Black Duck Anas sparsa
115 Knobbilled Duck Sarkidiornis melanotos
116 Spurwinged Goose Plectropterus gambensis
118 Secretarybird Sagittariuis serpentarius
122 Cape Vulture Gyps coprotheres
126 Yellowbilled Kite Milvus aegyptius
127 Blackshouldered Kite Elanus caeruleus
128 Cuckoo Hawk Aviceda cuculoides
131 Black Eagle Aquila verreauxii
135 Wahlberg’s Eagle Aquila wahlbergi
137 African Hawk Eagle Hieraaetus fasciatus
139 Longcrested Eagle Lophaetus occipitalis
140 Martial Eagle Polemaetus bellicosus
141 Crowned Eagle Stephanoaetus coronatus
142 Brown Snake Eagle Circaetus cinereus
148 African Fish Eagle Haliaeetus vocifer
149 Steppe Buzzard Buteo buteo
152 Jackal Buzzard Buteo rufofuscus
154 Lizard Buzzard Kaupifalco monogrammicus
157 Little Sparrowhawk Accipiter minullus
158 Black Sparrowhawk Accipiter melanoleucus
160 African Goshawk Accipiter tachiro
169 Gymnogene Polyboroides typus
165 African Marsh Harrier Circus ranivorus
171 Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus
172 Lanner Falcon Falco biarmicus
173 European Hobby Falco subbuteo
180 Eastern Redfooted Falcon Falco amurensis
181 Rock Kestrel Falco tinnunculus
188 Coqui Francolin Francolinus coqui
191 Shelley’s Francolin Francolinus shelleyi
192 Redwinged Francolin Francolinus levaillantii
196 Natal Francolin Francolinus natalensis
199 Swainson’s Francolin Francolinus swainsonii
200 Common Quail Coturnix coturnix
201 Harlequin Quail Coturnix delegorguei
203 Helmeted Guineafowl Numida meleagris
205 Kurrichane Buttonquail Turnix sylvatica
206 Blackrumped Buttonquail Turnix hottentotta
211 Corncrake Crex crex
226 Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus
255 Crowned Plover Vanellus coronatus
257 Blackwinged Plover Vanellus melanopterus
258 Blacksmith Plover Vanellus armatus
260 Wattled Plover Vanellus senegallus
297 Spotted Dikkop Burhinus capensis
238 Blackbellied Korhaan Eupodotis melanogaster
303 Bronzewinged Courser Rhinoptilus chalcopterus
349 Rock Pigeon Columba guinea
507 Redcapped Lark Calandrella cinerea
518 European Swallow Hirundo rustica
520 Whitethroated Swallow Hirundo albigularis
526 Greater Striped Swallow Hirundo cucculata
527 Lesser Striped Swallow Hirundo ayssinica
528 South African Cliff Swallow Hirundo spilodera
536 Black Saw-wing Swallow Psalidoprocne holomelas
538 Black Cuckooshrike Campephaga flava
541 Forktailed Drongo Dicrurus adsimilis
545 Eastern Blackheaded Oriole Oriolus larvatus
548 Pied Crow Corvus albus
554 Southern Black Tit Parus niger
568 Blackeyed Bulbul Pycnonotus barbatus
569 Terrestrial Bulbul Phyllastrephus terrestris
572 Sombre Bulbul Andropadus importunis
575 Yellowspotted Nicator Nicator gularis
576 Kurrichane Thrush Turdus libonyana
580 Groundscraper Thrush Turdus litsitsirupa
581 Cape Rock Thrush Monticola rupestris
596 Common Stonechat Saxicola torquata
588 Buffstreaked Chat Oenathe bifasciata
593 Mocking Chat Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris
598 Chorister Robin Cossypha dichroa
600 Natal Robin Cossypha natalensis
601 Cape Robin Cossypha caffra
613 Whitebrowed Robin Erythropygia leucophrys
631 African Marsh Warbler Acrocephalus baeticatus
642 Broadtailed Warbler Schoenicola brevirostris
644 Yellowthroated Warbler Phylloscopus ruficapillus
645 Barthroated Apalis Apalis thoracica
661 Grassbird Sphenoeacus afer
681 Neddicky Cisticola fulvicapilla
683 Tawnyflanked Prinia Prinia subflava
664 Fantailed Cisticola Cisticola juncidis
677 Levaillant’s Cisticola Cisticola tinniens
678 Croaking Cisticola Cisticola natalensis
679 Lazy Cisticola Cisticola aberrans
690 Dusky Flycatcher Muscicapa adusta
689 Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata
691 Bluegrey Flycatcher Muscicapa caerulescens
693 Fantailed Flycatcher Myioparus plumbeus
694 Southern Black Flycatcher Melaenornis pammelaina
696 Mousecoloured Flycatcher Melaenornis pallidus
698 Fiscal Flycatcher Sigelus silens
701 Chinspot Batis Batis molitor
708 Bluemantled Flycatcher Trochocercus cyanomelas
710 African Paradise Flycatcher Terpsiphone viridus
711 African Pied Wagtail Motacilla aguimp
712 Longtailed wagtail Motacilla clara
713 Cape Wagtail Motacilla capensis
716 Grassveld Pipit Anthus cinnamomeus
724 Short-tailed Pipit Anthus brachyurus
720 Striped Pipit Anthus lineiventris
727 Orangethroated Longclaw Macronyx capensis
728 Yellowthroated Longclaw Macronyx croceus
733 Redbacked Shrike Lanius collurio
732 Common Fiscal Shrike Lanius collaris
736 Southern Boubou Laniarius ferrugineus
740 Blackbacked Puffback Dryoscopus cubla
741 Brubru Nilaus afer
744 Blackcrowned Tchagra Tchagra senegala
746 Bokmakierie Telophorus zeylonus


List of Fish in Mimi Moya

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The Fish in Mimi Moya
ScientificName CommonName SA Status EndemicRSA Endemic Remarks
Amphilius uranoscopus (Pfeffer, 1889) stargazer (mountain catfish) Sensitive Habitat specialist
Chiloglanis emarginatus (Jubb & le Roux, 1969) Pongolo suckermouth (or rock catlet) Vulnerable Endemic Endemic Mpu/KZN
Chiloglanis anoterus (Crass, 1960) pennant-tail suckermouth (or rock catlet) Important Endemic Endemic Mpu/KZN
Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) sharptooth catfish Common
Barbus marequensis Smith, 1841 largescale yellowfish Common
Barbus polylepis (Boulenger, 1907) smallscale yellowfish Important Endemic
Labeo molybdinus (du Plessis, 1963) leaden labeo Important
Marcusenius pongolensis (Peters 1852) bulldog Sensitive Endemic Endemic Mpu/KZN
Tilapia sparrmanii (Smith, 1840) banded tilapia Common
Oreochromus mossambicus (Peters, 1852) Mozambique tilapia Common
Opsaridium peringueyi (Gilchrist & Thompson, 1913) southern barred minnow Rare Endemic
Barbus unitaeniatus (Gunther 1866) longbeard barb Common
Barbus viviparus (Weber 1897) bowstripe barb Common live under water vegetation
Barbus radiatus (Peters 1853) beira barb Common live in swamps & river vegetation
Barbus trimaculatus (Peters 1852) threespot barb Common
Micralestes acutidens (Peters 1852) silver robber (dwarf tigerfish) Common Clean streams
Schilbe intermedius (Ruppell 1832) silver catfish Common
Micropterus salmoides (Lacepede 1802) largemouth bass Exotic
Lys opgestel deur Charl Herholdt en Anton Linstrom


List of Flora in Mimi Moya

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These flowers and bushes welcome you in Mimi Moya
1 Cyathea dregei Common Ferntree / Gewone boomvaring
ARECACEAE (Palm Family)
22 Phoenix reclinata Wild Date Palm / Wildedadelboom
28.1 Aloe arborescens Krantz Aloe / Kransaalwyn
28 Aloe barberiae Tree Aloe / Boomaalwyn
29.5 Aloe marlothii Mountain Aloe / Bergaalwyn
DRACAENACEAE (Dragon Tree Family)
30.9 Dracaena aletriformis Large-leaved Dragon Tree / Grootblaardrakeboom
CELTIDACEAE (White Stinkwood Family)
39 Celtis africana White Stinkwood / Witstinkhout
42 Trema oriontalis Pigeonwood / Hophout MORACEAE (Mulberry &Fig Family)
63 Ficus abutilifolia Large-leaved Rock Fig / Grootblaarrotsvy
48 Ficus burkei Common Wild Fig / Gewone Wildevy
49 Ficus burtt-davyi Veld Fig /Veldvy
64 Ficus glumosa Mountain Fig / Bergvy
55 Ficus ingens Red-Leaved Fig / Rooiblaarvy
50 Ficus sur Broom Cluster Fig / Besemtrosvy
URTICACEAE (Nettle Family)
231 70 Obetia tenax Bergbrandnetel / Mountain Nettle
71 Pouzolzia mixta Soap-nettle / Seep netel
PROTEACEAE (Protea Family)
76 Faurea rochetiana Broad-leaved Beech / Breblaarboekenhout
75 Faurea saligne Transvaal Beech / Transvaalboekenhout
87 Protea Caffra Common Sugarbush / Gewone Suikerbos
OLACACEAE (Sourplum Family)
103 Ximenia caffra var. caffra Sourplum / Suurpruim
CAPPARACEAE (Caper Family)
132 Maerua Angolensis Breadbean Tree / Knoppiesboontjieboom
133 Maerua cafra Common cherry-bush / Gewone Witbos
PITTOSPORACEAE (Cheesewood Family)
139 Pittosporum viridiflorum Cheesewood / Kaassuur
MIMOSOIDEAE (Mimosa Family)
160 Acacia ataxacantha Flame Thorn / Vlamdoring
162 Acacia caffra Common Hook-thorn / Gewone Haakdoring
163.1 Acacia davyi Corky Thorn / Kurkdoring
172 Acacia karroo Sweet Thorn / Soetdoring
183.1 Acacia robusta subsp. clavigera Brack Thorn / Bra kdoring
187 Acacia sieberiana var. woodii Paperbark Thorn / Papierbasdoring
188 Acacia tortilis subsp. heteracantha Umbrella Thorn / Haak-en-steek
190 Dichrostachys cinerea subsp. africana Sickle Bush / Sekelbos
CAESALPINIADEAE (Flamboyant Family)
202 Schotia brachypetala Huilboerboon / Weeping boorbean
208.2 Bauhinia galpinii Pride-of-De Kaap / Vlam-van-die-Vlakte
226 Mundulea sericea Cork Bush / Kurkbos
227 Dalbergia armata Thorny Rope / Doringtou
236 Pterocarpus angolensis Wild Teak / Kiaat
244 Erythrina latissima Breeblaar koraalboom / Broadleaved coral tree
245 Erythrina lysistemon Gewone koraalboom / Common coral tree
248 Erytroxylum Delagoensis Small Leaved Coca Tree / Fynblaar Kokaboom
249 Etythroxylum emarginatum Common Coca Tree / Gewone Kokaboom
RUTACEAE (Citrus Family)
253 Zanthoxylum capense Small Knobwood / Kleinperdepram
256 Calodendrum capense CapeChestnut / Wildekastaiing
260 Vepris reflexa Bushveld White lronwood / Bosveldwitysterhout
261 Vepris lanceolata White lronwood / Witysterhout
265 CIausena anisata Horsewood / Perdepis
BURSERACEAE (Myrrh Family)
277 Commiphora harveyi Red-stem Corkwood / Rooistamkanniedood
PTAEROXYLACEAE (Sneezewood Family)
292 Ptaeroxylon obliquum Sneezewood / Nieshout
MELIACEAE (Mahogany Family)
298 Ekebergia capensis Cape Ash / Essenhout
EUPHORBIACEAE (Euphorbia Family)
309 Flueggia Virosa Whiteberry Bush/Witbesiebos
335.1 Acalypha glabrata var. glabrata ForestFalse-nettle / Bosvalsnetel
338 Suregada africana Common Canary-berry / Gewone kanariebessie
346 Euphorbia cooperi Transvaal Candelabra Tree /Transvaal Kandelaarboom
348 Euphorbia evansii Lowveld Euphorbia / Laeveldnaboom
351 Euphorbia ingens Common Tree Euphorbia I Gewone Naboom
360 Sclerocarya birrea subsp. caffra Marula / Maroela
361 Harpephyllum caffrum Wild Plum / Wildepruim
362 Lannea discolor Live-long / Dikbas
367 Smodingium argutum Rainbow Leaf / Pynbos
377 Ozoroa sphaerocarpa Raisin Bush / Korenteharpuisboom
380 Rhus chirindensis Red Currant / Bostaaibos
381 Rhus dentate Nana-berry / Nanabessie
391 Rhus pentheri Common Crow-berry / Gewone Kraaibessie
392 Rhus pyroides Common Wild Currant / Gewone Taaibos
393.3 Rhus rehmanniana var. rehmanniana Common Sour Currant / Stompblaartaaibos
CELASTRACEAE (Spike-thorn Family-Pendoring)
399 Gymnosporia buxifolia Common Spike-thorn / Gewone Pendoring
Gymnosporia glaucophylla Glaucous leaved Spike-thorn
399.2 Gymnosporia mossambicensis Black Forest Spike-thorn / Swartbospendoring
399.3 Gymnosporia polyacantha Gynmosporia grandifolia
Large fruit Forest Spike-thorn
401 Maytenus peduncularis Cape Blackwood / Kaapse Swarthout
403 Maytenus undata Koko Tree / Kokoboom
405 Pterocelastrus echinatus White Candlewood / Witkershout
413.3 Elaeodendron transvaalensis Transvaal Saffron / Transvaalsaffraan
ICACINACEAE (White Pear Family)
420 Cassinopsis ilicifolia Lemon Thorn / Lemoentjiedoring
422 Apodytes dimidiata White Pear / Witpeer
SAPINDACEAE (Litchi Family)
425 Allophylus africanus Black False Currant / Swartbastertaaibos
433 Pappea capensis Jacket-plum / Doppruim
438 Hippobromus pauciflorus False Horsewood / Basterperdepis
GREYIACEAE (Wild Bottlebrush Family / Baakhout)
446 Greyia Sutherlandi Natal Bottlebrush / Natalse Baakhout
RHAMNACEAE (Dogwood Family)
447 Ziziphus mucronata subsp. mucronata Buffalo-thorn / Blinkblaarwag-n-bietjie
450 Berchemia zeyheri Red Ivory / Rooi-ivoor
HETEROPYXIDACEAE (Lavender Tree Family)
455 Heteropyxis natalensis Lavender Tree / Laventelboom
VITACEAE (Grape Family)
456.4 Rhoicissus rhomboidea Glossy Forest Grape / Blinkblaarbosdruif
456.5 Rhoicissus tomentosa Common Forest Grape / Gewone Bosdruif
TILIACEAE (LindenFamily)
463 Grewia occidentalis Cross-berry / Kruisbessie
STERCULIACEAE (Star-chestnut Family)
468.1 Dombeya burgessiae Pink Wild Pear / Persdrolpeer
469 Dombeya cymosa Natal Wild Pear / Nataldrolpeer
471 Dombeya rotundifolia Common Wild Pear / Gewone Drolpeer
OCHNACEAE (Wild Plane Family)
480 Ochna holstii Red lronwood / Rooiysterhout
481 Ochna natalitia Natal Plane / Natalrooihout
479.1 Ochna serrulata Small-leaved Plane / Fynblaarrooihout
FLACOURTIACEAE (Wild-peach Family)
498 Scolopia zeyheri Thorn Pear/ Doringpeer
503 Trimeria grandifolia Wild Mulberry / Wildemoerbei
504 Trimeria trinervis Small-leaved Wild Mulberry / Fynblaarwildemoerbei
507 Dovyalis caffra Kei-apple / Keiappel
510.1 Dovyalis Longispira Natal Apricot / Natal Appelkoos
511 Dovyalis zeyheui Wild Apricot / Wilde-appelkoos
RHIZOPHORACEAE (Mangrove Family)
531.1 Cassipourea swaziensis Swazi Onionwood / Swazi-uiehout
COMBRETACEAE (Bushwillow Family)
532 Combretum apiculatum subsp. apiculatum Red Bushwillow / Rooiboswilg
536 Combretum etythrophyllum River Bushwillow / Riviervaderlandswilg
540 Combretum kraussii ForestBushwillow / Bosvaderlandswilg
537 Combretum molle Velvet Bushwillow / Fluweelboswilg
546 Combretum zeyheri Large-fruited Bushwillow / Raasblaar
MYRTACEAE (Myrtle Family)
555 Syzygium cordatum Water Berry/ Waterbessie
558 Syzygium Iegatii Mountain Waterwood / Bergwaterhout
ARALIACEAE (Cabbage-tree Family / Kiepersolfamilie)
563 Cussonia Panniculata Highveld Cabbage Tree / Hoveld Kiepersol
564 Cussonia spicata Common Cabbage Tree / Gewone Kiepersol
APIACEAE (Carrot Family)
568 Heteromorpha arborescens Parsley Tree / Wildepieterseliebos
577 Maesa lanceolata False Assegai / Basterassegaai
SAPOTACEAE (Milkwood Family / Melkhout familie)
581 Englerophytum magalismontanum Transvaal Milkplum / Stamvrug
EBENACEAE (Ebony Family)
594 Euclea crispa var. crispa Blue Guarri / Blou ghwarrie
597.4 Euclea natalensis subsp. angustifolia Transvaal Guarri
605.2 Diospyros lycioides subsp. guerkei Transvaal Bluebush / Transvaalbloubos
605.1 Diospyros lycioides subsp. sericea Natal Bluebush / Natalbloubos
611 Diospyros whyteana Bladder-nut / Swartbas
OLEACEAE (Olive Family)
612 Schrebera alata Wild Jasmine / Wildejasmyn
LOGANIACEAE (Monkey OrangeFamily)
625 Strychnos Henningsii Red Bitterberry / Rooi Bitterbessie
626 Strychnos madagascariensis Black Monkey Orange/ Swartklapper
631 Strychnos Usambariensis Blue Bitterberry / Blou Bitterbessie
BUDDLEJACEAE (Wild Elder Family)
636.3 Buddleja dysophylla White Climbing Sage / Witranksalie
BORAGINACEAE (Borage Family)
657 Ehretia rigida Puzzle Bush / Deurmekaarbos
658 Premna mooiensis Muishondbos\
660 Vitex harveyana Three-fingerleaf / Drievingerblaar
661 Vitex obovata subsp. obovata Kei Fingerleaf / Keivingerblaar
667 Clerodendrum glabrum Tinderwood / Tontelhout
SCROPHULARIACEAE (Snapdragon Family)
670 Halleria lucida Tree Fuchsia / Notsung
ACANTHACEAE (Buckweed Family)
681 Duvernoia adhatodioides Pistol Bush / Pistoolbos
RUBIACEAE (Coffee Family)
685 Cephalanthus natalensis Strawberry Bush / Witaarbeibos
686.9 Tarenna supra-axillaris subsp barbertonensis. Narrow-leaved False Brides Bush / Smalblaarbasterbruidsbos
689.1 Coddia rudis Small Bone-apple / Kleinbeelappel
690 Hyperacanthus amoenus Thorny Gardenia / Doringkatjiepiering
693 Rothmannia capensis Cape Gardenia / Kaapse Katjiepiering
699 Tricalysia lanceolata Jackal-coffee / Jakkalskoffie
702 Vangueria infausta subsp. infausta Wild Medlar / Wildemispel
706 Canthium gilfillanii Velvet Rock Alder / Fluweelklipels
RUBIACEAE (Coffee Family)
708 Canthium Inerme Common Turkey-berry / Gew one Bokdrol
711 Psydrax Obovata Quar / Kwar
717 Pavetta edentula Gland-leaf Tree / Kliertjiesboom
716.1 Pavetta gardeniifolia var. subtomentosa Hairy Brides Bush / Harige Bruidsbos
723 Psychotria capensis var. capensis Black Bird-berry / Swartvolbessie
ASTERACEAE (Daisy Family)
724 Brachyleana Discolor Coast Silver Oak / Kusvaalbos
734 Tarchonanthus trilobus var. galpinii Broad-leaved Camphor Bush / Breblaarkanferbos
Prepared by Andrew Hankey &Sharon Turner (March 2000)


List of Animals in Mimi Moya

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These animals welcome you in Mimi Moya
Blue wildebeest
Red Hartebeest
Southern Greater Kudu
Burchell’s Zebra
Common Reedbuck
Limpopo Bushbuck
Mountain Reedbuck
Cape Eland
Red Duiker
Common Duiker
Common Waterbuck
Brown Hyaena
African Wildcat
Large-spotted Genet
Blackbacked Jackal
Sidestriped Jackal
Cape Fox
Cape clawless Otter
Spotted-necked Otter
Honey Badger
Striped Polecat
Striped Weasel
Slender Mongoose
Water Mongoose
White-tailed Mongoose
Chacma Baboon
Vervet Monkey
Thick-tailed Bushbaby
Natal Red Rock Hare
Hyrax (Dassie)
and the Greater Cane Rat


Mimi Moya Wild NPC

The mission of Mimi Moya Wild NPO is to protect and conserve wilderness areas and create awareness in local communities about the value of South-African fauna and flora for the country and the planet. Workshops with a focus on environmental education, create awareness in the local Zulu- and Afrikaans children about nature and our task as humans to protect our planet. The project creates jobs for the neighboring communities in the areas of environmental education, anti-poaching, removal of alien plants, maintenance of fences and roads and identification of fauna and flora.