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About Mimi Moya Wilderness Conservation

The mission of Mimi Moya Wild NPO is to conserve wilderness areas. One mechanism to achieve that is by creating awareness in local communities about the value of South African fauna and flora for our country and the planet.

Workshops with a focus on environmental education, create awareness in the local children about nature and our task as humans to protect our planet. We hope to identify young game rangers and field guides and give them the necessary support for their studies. In this way the necessary work of creating wilderness awareness in South Africa will be more sustainable. The project also creates jobs for the neighboring communities in the areas of environmental education, anti-poaching, removal of alien plants, maintenance of game fences and registration of fauna and flora.

Ecological management

We also do our part to restore and conserve our beautiful wilderness by applying ecological management of the veld.

At Mimi Moya we apply rotational / intensive grazing by our Nguni cattle, in order to imitate seasonal herd migration. The herd grazes a relatively small area for ‘n short period, followed by a long period of rest. In this way the natural grass veld reserves, stored in the grassroots are not depleted and receive enough time for full recovery before the next grazing cycle.

Benefits of intensive grazing


Improved trampling of old and dead plant material for better composting


Improved intrusion and retention of moisture in the soil due to the compost layer


Increased growth of plants and Intensive natural fertilization


More proportional grazing of different grass species


Increased carbon storage by the soil

no burning

Intensive trampling of plant material offers an alternative for seasonal burning of the veld

Intensive grazing cycle

  1. A relatively large group of cattle grazes a small area for a short period, thereby trampling the plant material
  2. The trampled layer of plant material protects the soil against extreme temperatures, increases moisture retention of the soil and improve absorption of rain water
  3. In this way the existing soil organisms increase both in number and diversity, improving moisture retention and reducing / preventing soil erosion
  4. Long periods of rest (with no or little grazing) give plants the space for full recovery As the veld (grass and other plants) becomes more robust, the nutritional value thereof increases for grazers (cattle and game)
  5. The biomass, produced by plants and animals, increase significantly with each cycle
  6. Over time soil and grazing conditions improve continuously

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Once a month, we offer a ‘Wilderness Awareness Day’ for the local isiZulu schools around Mimi Moya. On these days, a group of twelve primary school children with a special interest in nature are given the opportunity to join a professional field guide on a 4×4 safari trip through Mimi Moya. The learners find out about different animal, bird and plant species as well as the importance of a balanced ecosystem. After a bush picnic they enjoy a workshop on our role as human beings to take care of the planet and the South African fauna and flora. Practical tips to take care of the environment and make a difference in their communities are shared. During these events we hope to identify talented future field guides and game rangers, whom we can support to pursue professional field guide training and register as qualified guides in South Africa.
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Mimi Moya NPC is an officially registered NPC. The details are as follows:

Registration number Non Profit Corporation 2023/539474/08
Account name Mimi Moya WILD NPC
First National Bank
Branch Code 270844
Account 63052166890